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                    In more than 10 years, YS SUPPLY Screw Nut Co.,Ltd. has become one of the finest special fasterner maker for both the domestic big industries. From its beginning in 1996, YS SUPPLY has pride of itselt on being able to cultivate dynamic relationships with customers, develop a depth of R&D experience, and meet strict customer demands and deadlines.
                    In its first year 2007 of operation, YS SUPPLY acquired ISO 9001:2000 certification to ensure that it employed the highest quality control procedures in the industry. The combination of efficiency,high quality and precision has differentiated YS SUPPLY form its competitors and has attracted the attention of many industries such as furniture, leather, appliance, and automotive industries.
                    To meet its growing customer demand for a wide rang of finished fasteners,
YS SUPPLY has expanded its operation from the manufacture of simple screws and rivets to include a wide variety of finished special screws and rivets, automotive parts, special bolts and nuts, rollers, appliance parts and furniture parts, These parts can be manafactured in a wide variety of metals and sizes depending on client requirement.
                    By 2008 YS SUPPLY will obtain for TS 16949 certification. This will add value to its current domestic and international clients and will attract new automotive partners at the very highest level.

YS Supply Screw Nut Co.,Ltd.
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